Wednesday 12 October 2011

Things that I Worry About as a Mom

After talking to a fellow mommy today, I got to thinking about all the things that we, as mothers, worry about. It's a long list, and I am sure I am forgetting at least half even as I think about them, but here are a few that stick out.
1) Poop. When is the baby pooping? What does it look like? Is she pooping too much? Is she pooping enough? Why hasn't she pooped today? (FYI, the last question is currently on my mind).
2) Fluids. Is she drinking enough? Is she drinking too much? Why isn't she drinking more?
3) Talking. Should she be talking more? Why isn't she talking more? Did teaching her sign language somehow retard her speech? WHY WONT SHE SAY MAMA????
4) Eating. Is she eating enough? She sure is eating a lot...I hope she doesn't have worms. She's not eating enough, is she sick? Is she getting enough protein/dairy/fiber etc? WHAT IS SHE EATING NOW??
5) Sleep. Is she sleeping enough? Why isn't she still sleeping? Why wont she go to sleep? She is still sleeping...I wonder what's wrong?
6) Illness. Is she sick? Why is she sick? Should I call the doctor? Should I give her Tylenol/Advil or homeopathic remedies?
7) Shoes. Should she be wearing them? Soft or hard soled? Should I buy more shoes aka does she have enough shoes?
8) Temperature. Is she too hot? Is she too cold? Should I turn on the furnace/ac?
9) Socialization. Does she get out enough? Is staying at home with me hindering her socialization?
10) Size. Is she gaining enough weight? Does she weigh she too heavy?  Why is she still in 9 month clothes at 15 months? Does her head look big? Why do they have these stupid curves that "average" babies are "supposed" to grow by?

Get the picture? Why on earth do people give mom's so many things to worry about. A good number of these things may not have even bothered me if not for someone else bringing it up.
"Oh, she is so tiny."
"Oh, so and so was walking at 8 months."
"Oh, she's not talking yet, my friend's niece was talking sentences by now."

How about this, 'Oh, you want me to punch you in the face for giving me another thing to worry about?" Sure thing. Just tell me another story about some random, twice removed kid you know that was doing something sooner than my child and I'll give you something to talk about.

I try so hard now to just smile and nod, and when talking to other mom's always assure them that their child is happy, healthy and just fine (even though I am doubting it about my own). Funny how we can be so sure that the child next to ours, who is the sam age and reaching the same milestones, is fine, but we worry about our own. I know, that's motherhood, and it's wonderful, but it sure does add gray hairs and wrinkles faster than anything else in the world.

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