Tuesday 8 May 2012


Wow...it has been a LONG time. I've clearly been busy! I have been back to work more frequently with a part time placement, and what that evidentially means is that I have an abnormally clingy child, yes, I said it, child.
21, now almost 22 months old. 2 years ago I was nearing the end of my pregnancy, only 2 months to go, feeling great (albeit bloated) and eagerly awaiting "Eggo's" arrival.
Let me catch you up.
Miss S is starting to talk... A LOT. She signs most of her words, but she is quickly picking up more and more words every day. Her favourite word is "siiiiiiiide"! There are two versions. "siide" or "ow siide," which means "outside," and "siiiiiiiiiide," which means "slide.
I caved and bought a Little Tykes slide for our yard because Miss S + the "siiiiiiiide" = hours of fun. HOURS. The first day we brought it home she played, and played...actually, to back track, she screamed because I made the mistake of bringing her to go pick the slide up. She kept her hands on it the entire ride home and tried to climb it while we put it together. Then it was time to play...and play... and play. Luckily she can now climb up herself to slide down, because it was a long 2 days while she mastered that skill. Now I can garden or read and have a cup of coffee while she "siiiiiiiiides".
The first evening, after we went in for supper (Miss S screaming and crying), she stood at the window and cried, then sat in her high chair, looking out at her "siiiiide" and cried. I shudder to think of it.
She puts her own boots on, often on the wrong feet, but she puts them on ALL BY HERSELF every time! She brings her little rainbow boots (which she wears ALL THE TIME because they are 'booows" aka rainbow boots, anyways, she brings her little boots to a corner, leans against the wall, and slips her little feet into them.
She puts her hands (and other small objects) into her pockets, coat, sweatshirt and pants pockets. Yes, I have yet another set of pockets to check. Thanks Daddy for teaching her that.
She picks me flowers (dandelions mostly, but they are fabulous flowers to pick out of the lawn).
She signs "I love you," two ways actually.
She sings the chorus to the theme songs for Signing Time, Potty Time and Baby Signing Time and will ask for specific movies of each of these.
She LOVES Toy Story 2 and now has a little plastic Woody and Jessie that she carries around. She says "Toy Story" and asks to watch it...number 2 is her favourite, but she will tolerate the others. Funnily enough, we only ever get to the part in "Toy Story 2" when Woody gets fixed and she gives up, we generally watch the other half later.
Sorry, I know, not an overly exciting post, but man, my kid amazes me. So much has happened, I couldn't even begin to write it all out! She eats hummus, and cabbage. She holds the dog's leash while we walk. She tells (signs for) people to "share' when she wants something and says "tan tee" (thank you) when you give her something.
She is loving and snuggly and just all around wonderful. She recognizes people in pictures, and her new favourite thing is to look at pictures on the iPad (or photo albums) and hear all about the pictures.
Oh, can't forget her new favourite dolly friend. Daddy loves her. She used to be my dolly, Miss S has adopted her and Daddy has named her "Creepy Connie."
Here is why......

I think Connie gets up to mischief in the night because of pile of lonely socks has grown since she has joined our family. Perhaps she is using them for some sort of evil scheme? Or a craft? T seems convinced she is up to no good.