Thursday 20 October 2011


LML= Love My Life. Inspired by a friend's insightful blog about the term, FML (f*ck my life for those out of the internet speak loop).
Things happen to us all daily that make us shake our heads, face palm ourselves, or blurt out a vast number of obscenities.
However, there are also small, every day miracles. For every asinine thing my husband does that makes me grind my teeth, there are two sweet, totally redeemable ones, if not more (though some days it's only one sweet thing).
For every stupid thing my dog does in a day that makes me scream, just as I am ready to send him packing, there are adorable, lovable quirks that make my day.
For every annoying and/or exhausting thing my girls do, there are countless amazing ones.
Here are a few things that make me smile and think LML:

10. As I am cleaning smushed egg out of the carpet, the dog comes up and licks my face until I am laughing. LML
9. As I pick up toys/books/clothes left behind by a baby who shall remain anonymous, said baby comes up behind me and give me a big bear hug. LML
8. My husband coming into bed with a big bowl of ice cream and 2 spoons. LML
7. Hearing my big girl tell me how she stood up to a group of boys teasing another boy. LML
6. My baby waving and shrieking in excitement when she sees her GranO, and Grano reacting equally excited. LML
5. My baby girl running up to me with her dolly/blankie and settling herself in my lap for a snuggle. LML
4. My husband rubbing my back as I fall asleep, sick and feverish. LML.
3. Waking up each morning with a husband I love, and who loves me. LML
2. Early morning baby snuggles. LML
1. Watching my girls sleep. LML

What makes you think, WOW, LML?

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