Monday 30 January 2012

Oh the Joys.

There are several things about motherhood I didn't expect.

10. Goldfish, Cheerios, raisins and other small food bits in my bra. How do they get there?
9. Oven mitts under my bed. Yes, under my bed. I did not put them there.
8. Signing Time/Baby Signing Time/Potty Time music and DVDs on throughout the day. For every daily activity from "potty" to eating to getting dressed, I sing a Rachel Coleman song.
7. Kid music in the car. Every time.
6. Never getting to use the iPad because of a certain someone's obsession. Plus, she works it better than I do anyways. Seriously, she gets multiple apps on the go and flips back and forth between them. Even the blue shirts at the Apple store couldn't figure it out.
5. Toys that sing, bang and light up. Used only when I already have a headache.
4. Traveling with various treats, clothes and entertainment items...enough for an army, just so I can go to the grocery store.
3. Boogers and sticky hands wiped on my pants. Usually done as I am walking out the door to work.
2. My make-up is now for play. I put it on, she puts it on...then "dusts" the furniture with my brushes.
1. Using the potty and brushing teeth EVERY TIME we see the bathroom. EVERY.TIME.

Alright, I know it's not all sunshine and lollipops, but being a mommy to a toddler is fabulous at the best and infuriating at the worst.
Seriously. Shrieking, loudly. Demanding, repeatedly. Temper tantrums make me want to scream and bang MY head on the floor.
How the heck to you reason with an 18 month old? We have time outs, "reasoning", distractions...and often, just walking away and letting her work it out. This is usually done in front of people. Like she saves up all her fusspot moments for company. Or, if she has been with GranO for the day, for me. She will be an "angel" all day. Sweet and funny, helpful and easy going. Then I walk through the door and she stamps her feet and screams for attention, treats and basically to have her way RIGHT NOW.

OK, OK, bright side: she does coming running at me with hugs and kisses. She holds my hand and snuggles in close. She waves at the door as I walk/drive up the driveway. It's not all bad, in fact, it's mostly wonderful, but on some days, when I have been chasing kindergarteners around all day and just want to sit with my feet up, it feels like she is ten times as needy as usual. It's hard to balance everything. Motherhood, being a wife, having a career, keeping the house clean. Work never ends. Thank God for good TV and wine.

Friday 13 January 2012

Top 18

My baby turns 18 months old this month. (Well, today actually, but keep in mind that I started this about a week ago.) How can that be? I know, every month I am shocked that she is another month older, but 18 is really significant. That's almost 2. A year and a half. Holy. Cow. I still don't believe it.
To top it off, this milestone age lands (landed) on Friday the 13th. How appropriate because it scares the poopy right out of me. She has seen two Thanksgivings and Halloweens, two Christmas', two New Years Eves, she has had one birthday and her 2nd is halfway here...she is growing up.
Having an 18 month old changes everything. Suddenly people are asking you about toilet training (she loves to sit on the potty, but not so much pee or poo in it, she freaks and shouts, "Blllaaaaah!"). Breast feeding starts to become taboo, and you start to really worry about the development of your baby, especially since everyone and their mother asks how many (if any) words she has, if sign language has delayed those words, if she is "really" talking...Listen up people, I worry about those things enough without you adding to my stress. And FYI, she does have words, strangers just may not understand them.
Seriously though, she does have words. My husband discussed it with her doctor just the other day when she got her needles because apparently at 18 months they should have 5 words. I had to struggle to think of some before I was reminded that the obvious words count. Words he asked for were; "mama", "dada" and "uh-oh". Whew. Safe. She also says "Hi," but she has said that for such a long time that I forget about it, "Gorgor," which is Gordy, our (and any) dog, "gackaaar," cracker, the occasional "bye", recently "buubaaaal," bubble and a variety of other sounds for various things that don't really mean anything to anyone but her family. Apparently that counts though, so we are in the clear.
Enough rambling for crying out loud. The following are the whole reason for this post, the top 18 of the past 18.

18. The following words, "Reach down and get your baby."

17. When my husband said, "It's a girl," even though he was surprised.

16. Our first night at home with our new family.

15. First time her grandparents, great grandparents and all her aunts and uncles met her...seeing how much love our tiny little person had at just a few hours/days old was remarkable.

14. The first smile. Nothing more beautiful.

13. The first time she slept through the night. Nothing more necessary.

12. The first time she rolled over. I just about did too.

11. First time she sat up unassisted. I almost fell over.

10. The first time she crawled. I think I sprouted a few grey hairs.

9. The first time she pulled herself up. Oh God, move everything up a level.

8. First Birthday. Oh. My. God. Where did my baby go?

7. First steps. Even though I missed the first two actual unattended ones, her first steps made me so proud, so happy, and so sad that my baby was becoming so independent.

6. First backwards steps. Ok Miss S, stop showing off.

5. First dance, seeing what a little ham she is.

4. First, and any laughs. The first was the sweetest, but her full blown big girl belly laughs are my favourite. It's infectious. I dare you not to laugh along with her.

3. Her signing. Watching her sign language take off took my breath away. Seeing how smart she is amazes...and scares me.

2. One word. "Mama".

1. The first (and many) times my baby girl has run up to me, thrown her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. Makes my day better no matter what has gone down.

To all you mommas out there who do not yet have an 18 month old, don't be afraid, because with all the scariness of your baby growing up, there are incredible changes and developments of their little personalities. I can see how sweet, smart and funny my little 18 month old is and, while the new mommy in me wants her to stay my baby, I also cannot wait to see what comes next. Especially when "mama" is followed by, "I love you." Her growing up will definitely be worth that.

Wednesday 11 January 2012

One Word Wednesday

First- Happy 2012! I have a whole post Holiday blog post (those two posts in one sentence make my head hurt), but a crazy busy few weeks have turned me into even more of a blogging procrastinator. Also, I am almost finished book four of Game of Thrones and spend free time trying to get to the end of it. is my One Word Wednesday picture....Enjoy!