Thursday 24 November 2011

StonzWear Giveaway!

A fabulous mommy blogger friend is having a giveaway for some StonzWear products. Stonzwear ROCKS, it is currently my most coveted lol. The are basically lined, warm bags to put over your child's hands and feet to keep them warm and are next to impossible for your little one to pull off! Head on over to and check it out!

Tuesday 22 November 2011


This isn't our first Christmas with Miss S, but it will definitely be a more exciting one! Since her birthday in July, Miss S has become very aware of presents. She loves tissue paper, unwrapping gifts, gift bows, boxes...Christmas will be so much fun for her this year!
I have realized, however, that it is harder to shop for a toddler than it is a tween. Tweens are happy with books, music, gift cards, clothes. Toddlers are happy with anything. You would think that wold make it easier, but I want Miss S to be excited about her gifts! I picked up a couple things that I think will really get her attention, but really, I could wrap a cardboard box and she'd play with it.
Also, why are toys so expensive? All the cool gifts blow our budget out of the water. We were thinking about getting her a play kitchen, but Grano thinks she is too young. Momma readers, do you think 18 months is too young? Should we wait until her 2nd birthday?
Another, more prominent, concern is what to do. I know that my hubby and I would love ot just stay at home for the entire holidays, but obviously can't, or, if we do, we will have oodles of people coming and going. Either option means we will have a tired, over stimulated baby on our hands. Scratch that, a tired, over stimulated TODDLER. A baby was easy. I'd nurse her to sleep wherever. A toddler likes her own bed, in her own room. Or she likes momma to nap/sleep with her. I am thinking that we may just open up our home to whatever family would like to make the trip. Plus, it means I don't have to drive and listen to my DH (dear husband...or damn husband) complain about the driving conditions, the cruisers, the other drivers, the cost of gas, the music playing and how tired he is.
It's like people forget how hard it is to travel with young children, and how easily they become over stimulated and cranky. Miss S is so loved, and so lucky to have so many people who love to spoil her, and she loves it, but it also means that she simply gets overwhelmed with it all. I have a pile of toys, books and puzzles that she hasn't used, and when she is fussy I will pull out a "new" one for her, then put it away for a few weeks. Rinse. Repeat.
The nice thing is the CLOTHES! Miss S loves dressing up. She lets me put her in dresses just to take pictures. I wish she'd let me do her hair, but that's another story for another day. She also loves shoes. She doesn't like anyone to be without shoes or socks and will bring me mine to wear if I am barefoot. Her new "thing" is coats. She will wear her winter coat, and even her snowsuit, around the house. What a ham. We have clothes going up to size four that are suitable for all seasons. Sometimes I just look at her closet longingly and think about all the combinations of outfits she has. Then DH puts her in whatever shirt and pants he finds in the hamper. He always puts her in the same three outfits (I guess because I keep washing them...hmmm...). Men.
So anyway, here we are, a month away from Christmas. Turkey, eggnog (which Miss S has also tried and loved), Christmas trees (yes trees, plural, we are having two, a fake downstairs where the presents will go, and a real one upstairs which will be decorated by ME), lights and watching the girls tear into their gifts. Can't wait.

Sunday 13 November 2011

Month 16

16 months of motherhood. Technically over two years, if you count POAS Day 2009 (October 24 for those not in the know). What an incredible journey it has been.
Today I am reflecting. I am in awe of the milestones Miss S has achieved, and those she is determined to master. For example, she has backwards walking and spinning in circles mastered. She spins so much that she falls over dizzy like a tiny little lush. She is determined to master the fork and spoon. She now wants one at every meal. She's getting pretty good, but the dogs are still reaping the benefits of her drive to use cutlery.
Today I am thankful. Some of you may know about a little angel named Anaya, and her incredible story. If this doesn't make you hug your loved ones tighter, nothing will. This beautiful baby and her amazingly brave parents truly make me realize how much I take for granted, and how utterly blessed I am.
With all the hurdles my loved ones and I encounter every day, all the fights, the disappointments, the days that make me want to bury my head in the sand (or in a bottle of wine), I truly do LML. I love watching my baby girl grow, I love waking up to warm baby snuggles (though I prefer them after 7am, and usually dread them before sunrise).
As I sit here I can currently hear my little miss dreaming. She is sighing, shrieking and making all sorts of other sweet baby noises that make my uterus skip a beat. How has it been 16 months since I felt her kick me from the inside? Just 16 months ago I was holding a newborn in my arms after being convinced I would be pregnant FOREVER. Just 16 months ago she was a squishy newborn, all she could do was nurse, cry, sleep and poop. And she did a lot of all four.
It really hit me how much she has grown when visiting with my grandparents, her great-grandparents. My cousin was there with his new family, including his 4 month old son. They are almost exactly 1 year apart (he was born the beginning of this past July, Miss S was July 13 of last July). A year ago it was my baby who wouldn't let me finish a meal. A year ago it was my baby who could be put down on the floor without me worrying about where she'd end up. A year ago I had the new baby.
Even scarier is comparing her to my 10 days new niece. Man alive babies grow fast.
If you are still here, that you for baring with me as I work my way through these feelings. It is nostalgia. It is, in a way, bittersweet. Of course I love watching Miss S grow and change, but with every passing day I am reminded that my baby is growing up. She is a toddler, a little girl. And, incidentally, if we are waiting until her 3rd birthday to talk about trying for a little bambino, we are half way there. Just saying.

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Wednesday 2 November 2011

"Wordless" Wednesday

For anyone who knows me but at all, you will know I cannot be wordless, not totally. I love subtitles, sidebars and details. However, I am going to attempt a semi-wordless Wednesday because I love when other bloggers do it!
So, without further adieu...

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