Wednesday 1 August 2012

I hate the potty...and so does Miss S

I will keep this short because I am ready to tear my hair out over it.
Miss S refuses to potty train. I have tried just plopping her in underpants...they al had to be washed from pee and poop and it didn't really seem to phase her that she was wet/dirty.
I tried bribes of candy and interest. So I tried cookies. No interest. She will plop her little bum down for 2.8 seconds and demand her treat...then scream and cry for more.
I sing songs. I cheer. I sit and go potty with her.
She has zero interest in actually using the potty (though she will sit on it and sing).
She has also taken to telling me that "it's stuck" as soon as she sits on the potty. She makes a face and says, "Ooooooo! It's stuck!" The end. No more trying.
We watch Potty Time. We have the watch. We read potty books. I have tried telling her that she is such a big girl, she doesn't want to wear diapers like a baby! She tells me she wants diapers. I get her new undies and make a big stink about them, she tells me, "No potty in *signs underwear*" Yay! She gets it...except not so much.
I know I am not the only one, but for some reason we are receiving a lot of "Get the 2 year old potty trained" pressure, and I was SURE that by end of summer we'd be done with diapers during the day...SO...back to underpants tomorrow (it was laundry day) and here is hoping that they stay dry.