Wednesday 13 August 2014

Growing Up

The kids are getting so big, so fast. I cannot believe it. It blows my mind. It puts things into perspective.
Scarlett is going to KINDERGARTEN. That's big kid school. Riding a bus by herself and spending the ENTIRE DAY with someone who isn't family. She is thrilled. I am somewhere between thrilled for her and terrified. Terrified of her being away all day (and let's face it, also a bit thrilled). Terrified of her not making friends, or of her making the wrong kind of friends. Terrified that she wont like it (though, judging by her nursery school experience, that will not be the case).
She has her back pack, lunch box, multiple drink and food containers. We ordered personalized labels for her. She is set. I am not. How has it been four years already? This will make Max's inevitable school journey creep up on me that much sooner.
Scarlett loves soccer and dance class. She has grown so much this summer. Watching her develop socially and learn to speak up for herself has been a remarkable thing. Watching friendships develop, and hearing her reasoning for choosing her friends, shows what a tough cookie she will grow up to be. Scarlett I see as a leader. She is head strong, stubborn, strong-willed. She is also a bit of a perfectionist and loves to please the role models in her life. She is an amazing big sister and thinks of herself as Max's babysitter (which is funny seeing as she has never had a babysitter). She loves playing dress up and role playing. If she is in her play kitchen, her name is Gabriella. She calls her babies "sweetheart" and snuggles them tight. She makes up songs and jokes and talks nonstop from the moment she wakes up until she falls asleep. She is affectionate and sweet. That is, when the tantrum threes aren't taking over. Please, PLEASE let these tantrum threes be over. She is four now. Fantastic Fours right? Please?

My Max. He is such a trooper. He is ROCKING his AFOs. He can run, dance, climb and has bouncing (jumping) mastered. He is so smart and funny. He is the sweetest little man...except for when it is time to sleep. At bed time (nap time, rest time...) he is a demon spawn. This kid would snuggle 24-7. I either love it or cringe because of it. Boy are definitely, 100%, different from girls. I heard the warnings, but didn't actually believe it. He is either running around like a monkey on speed, or wants to snuggle in so close that we feel like one person.
He loves helping. He sweeps, dusts, vacuums, puts things in the garbage, wipes up the many spills we encounter daily, and his favourite, feeds the dog. Gordy is bound to weigh 100 pounds soon at the rate Max feeds him treats.
He is so different. At this age, his sister was 100% obsessed with all things Baby Signing Time. She could sign along with the first two DVDs easily by this age. Max doesn't care. She LOVED Toy Story. Max doesn't care. He wants to be running, and climbing, and getting into EVERYTHING...or he wants to be snuggled in close and asleep. I can never put him down and trust he will be there in 2 minutes (let's face it, 2 seconds is asking a lot). I would never have the fireplace on and trust him to stay away, or anything breakable within reach of his chubby little fingers. He is stubborn and strong willed (which I am sure is why he is rocking those leg braces so well- he is a determined boy). He is also unbelievably sweet and loving. He gives hugs and kisses all the time. He hands out giggles and smiles  to anyone who approaches him. He gets dragged everywhere and is just happy to be a part of the outing.
I feel like I missed his first year though. That, between all the appointments and things going on with Scarlett, I missed his babydom because he is now a toddler. He has a mind of his own. Words of his own. Places to go. Luckily for me (or unluckily depending on the night), with mama is still his favourite place to be.