Thursday 15 November 2012

Where we are now

It's been a long time, way too long, since I last posted. Here is where we are.
Miss S uses the potty. I don't want to jinx it, but she has been using the potty for a few months, and it has been about a week since she has had any accidents, and about 2 weeks of pooping in the potty, which was our big obstacle. She is wearing big girl underpants, and will often stay dry through naps.
We aren't potty training at night because she is still in her crib, and will be for a few more months...but not long after March because...
Yup, come March we will be joined by Eggo v2.0! A new little peanut to join our family! Miss S is crazy excited. It is the absolute sweetest thing I have ever seen. She talks to my belly and asks/tells/demands the baby to kick. She kisses the baby and is all about lifting up my shirt and saying "Hi" to the baby. Melts my heart.
Also makes me a little nervous because she is very possessive of her mommy. Like to a point when if another child, her own cousin included, comes up and touches me, she runs over yelling, "No! That's my mommy!" I am hoping that once it is "her baby," that she will share "her mommy" because otherwise we are in for a world of tears and tantrums.

Speaking of which...what is up with the tears and tantrums!? They are so unpredictable. One moment we are laughing and dancing, the next we are in total meltdown mode. Often regarding simple request or denial of her on my behalf. The most recent was over apple juice. I asked her if she wanted juice or chocolate milk with her dinner. she replied, "No." So she got apple juice. She took one sip adn burst into tears.

"No juice mama! Chocy nak" (chocolate milk)
"Scarlett, momma asked what you would like to drink."
"Ya. Chocy nak mama." (in a very pathetic, sad, voice)

This was full on tears over something she was offered and refused. I sometimes wish I could get into her head...though a meltdown over chocolate milk makes me rethink that...

We also had our first Halloween outing. In the past, Miss S has stayed home, handed out candy to a few kids, cried, and gone to bed. This year we decided to take her out. We planned on grandma's and two or three neighbors, but she had so much fun that we ended up hitting about 6 houses (grandma's house to our house that were lit up and home). She was yelling "trick or treat" as soon as her feet hit the driveway, but if the "man of the house" was handing out candy, wouldn't say it again, kids and moms got smiles and chats though. Her favourite part of trick or treating? Seeing all of our neighbors dogs/cats. We had to bribe her away from the kitty-cat at one house with the promise of more treats.
It was a rainy Halloween. Miss S carried her umbrella until the first candy bar, then switched for her treat bag, which she held onto with an iron grip.
 Let's see...
Little Miss S love "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" which she calls "Hotdog" after the ending credits, Signing Time/Baby Signing Time/Potty Time (anything with Rachel and Hopkins) is always a easy sell. LOVES Toy Story and is just getting into princesses. She has taken to putting on hairbands, jewelry, purses etc and saying, "Ohhhh! I'm a princess!" Random because we don't talk about the princesses...interesting because it's one of the girliest stereotypes out there, and she is apparently all into it. She also loves "helping mama" which is great when it's sweeping/cleaning, but sometimes a pain when it's cooking. Mixing ingredients, great. Cracking eggs, and wanting to help with the stove/oven...not so much.
Today she did help set the table though, so that's good!
Alright, it is 8:55 on a Thursday night, which means "Must See TV" is about to start. So hopefully I will be able to keep up with the posts a bit more before the new peanut arrives. And also get more pictures. Having an iphone is great, except for the fact that all my pictures are on my phone, not my computer.
Night all.

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