Sunday 15 July 2012

2 Years Later

It has been hard to keep up lately, school is always busy at the end of the year, and with 3 separate birthday celebrations and her cousin's Christening (as well as a concert on Canada Day for mom and dad), Miss S has been busy!
I keep looking at my baby, my toddler, and thinking, "There is no way she is already two years old."
I mean, how the heck is it possible that it has been two years since I held my newborn? 2 years (more now, 2 years and 2 days) since I looked at my pregnant belly convinced I would be pregnant FOREVER. 2 years since my life changed completely and motherhood became my number one priority and job. Of course, Miss K was in my life and my number one, but in a different way. She's my big girl, now practically a teenager, Miss S was the first person to ever be MINE, to be dependent on ME...sometimes it still amazes me.
So, update time.
Miss S talks nonstop. Some of it is still babble, some only the people who see (and hear) her daily can truly understand, but, for the most part, she is nonstop chatter from the moment she opens her eyes until they close for sleep.
She LOVES "Toy Story". LOVES. She got spoiled for her birthday and now has Woody, Jessie and BullsEye as well as a cup and plate, backpack, book/figurines and carrying bag all dedicated to Toy Story. The only thing she MAY like better is Signing Time. We watch one or the other ALL THE TIME. Occasionally I can get her to watch "Tangled," but not for the princess...for the HORSE. And it's usually a hard sell...
She eats everything. Sushi, chili, asparagus (which she actually asked for dessert once), salad, curry. Tomatoes, mushrooms and onions are the only things she will pass on (unless they are in a sauce or soup), otherwise, she is the easiest kid to please (touch wood...please do not let me jinx it).
She RUNS everywhere. She never sits still. She jumps and hops everywhere, off stairs, onto stairs, on and off of rocks, down the hall. She has one speed- SUPER SPEED, and she is either motoring or sleeping. No in between.
She is resisting potty training, but next week I am ditching the diapers and putting on underpants outside and praying that she will prefer the potty to peepee pants. She loves watching Potty Time...just not doing it. OR, she will want to sit on the potty just as I am about to go...and will then sit and sing and kick her legs until I am ready to burst.
She is picking up new words every day, and I am amazed at what comes out of her mouth. Soccer, kick, party, cake...she hears them once and out they come!
She counts to 10...not all the time, she has to be in the mood, and sometimes she skips right to 10 because she likes the sign, but she counts! She will also tell you she is 2 and hold up 2 fingers.
She is learning the ABCs (song and signs) and loves looking for t

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